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Our Principal

Mr. Wilkinson obtained a degree from California State University Long Beach, and went on to study abroad and do his student teaching at Gwent College of Higher Education in Wales, UK. After completion of this, he obtained his California Teaching Credential from CSULB. Jim has served as a mentor teacher for both CSULB and CSUF. During his 17 years as a teacher in the Public School System, he was awarded the Golden Bell Award from the State of California, in recognition of developing an innovative Physical Education Program. Jim has also worked for the Commission of Teacher Credentialing, reviewing various Universities’ Student Teacher Programs.

He first came to the Vineyard Church nearly 30 years ago, and served as a Youth Pastor at Vineyard Newport Beach, before coming to Vineyard Church of Anaheim. Although Jim was enjoying a very successful career in Public School Education, it was during those early years here that God revealed a new opportunity to him. In 1999 Jim became the Pastor/Principal of Vineyard Christian School.

Jim and his wife Ingrid, who has also been a teacher for 25 years, have been married for 33 years and have two beautiful children. Their son Tully, 24 years old, who has been married to his wife Steffany since 2012, serves as a Worship Pastor for a prominent Church here in Orange County. Their daughter Nicola, who is 22, has served with YWAM Perth Australia for the past 2 years; serving and working with youth on the margins in the Philippines, Nepal, Kolkata, India, and in the outback regions of Australia working with Aboriginal youth.


Vineyard Christian School’s teachers are first and foremost, believers in and followers of Jesus Christ! They are active members of a Bible-based church, view their work with students and families as their calling, and believe that they are here to serve at the will of their Heavenly Father! In addition, each Elementary and Middle School teacher is credentialed and has at least a bachelor’s degree in Education, which coupled with years of experience, offers students the optimum opportunity to be successful learners. Our Preschool teachers meet or exceed the qualifications set forth by California’s Title 22 requirements for Early Childhood Educators, with many of them having obtained their Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development.


Photo of Lisa
Lisa Blumhagen
Title: Director of Community Life
Email: lblumhagen@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2176

Photo of Brenda
Brenda Pittman
Title: Preschool Director
Email: bpittman@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2154

Photo of Jim
Jim wilkinson
Title: Pastor/Principal
Email: jwilkinson@vcfanaheim.com

Elementary School

Photo of Kathy
Kathy Briscoe
Title: Elementary Computer Teacher
Email: kbriscoe@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2182

Photo of Rebekah
Rebekah Conklin
Title: 3rd Grade Teacher
Email: rconklin@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2204

Photo of Stephanie
Stephanie Jarin
Title: Art Teacher
Email: sjarin@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: 2116

Photo of Kathy
Kathy Johnson
Title: 5th Grade Teacher
Email: kjohnson@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2192

Photo of Bre
Bre Lucas
Title: 5th Grade Teacher
Email: blucas@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2163

Photo of Sophie
Sophie Norwood
Title: Middle School Spanish Teacher & Librarian
Email: snorwood@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2177

Photo of Nicole
Nicole Patterson
Title: 2nd Grade Teacher
Email: npatterson@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2150

Photo of April
April Recinos
Title: 4rd Grade Teacher
Email: afinger@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2123

Photo of Juli
Juli Rodriquez
Title: 1st Grade Teacher
Email: jrodriquez@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2152

Photo of Tracey
Tracey Williams
Title: Kindergarten Teacher
Email: twilliams@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2130

Middle School

Photo of Justina
Justina Erre
Title: Middle School Math Teacher
Email: jerre@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2119

Photo of Anna
Anna Goodman
Title: Lead Teacher, 6th Grade Language Arts
Email: agoodman@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2156

Photo of Cheryl
Cheryl Keller
Title: Middle School Science
Email: ckeller@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2194

Photo of Nancy
Nancy Lujan
Title: Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Email: nlujan@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2516

Photo of Sarah
Sarah Mahon
Title: Music Teacher
Email: smahon@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2183

Photo of Alyssa
Alyssa Moyer
Title: Cheer Advisor
Email: amoyer@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2139

Photo of Michael
Michael Okada
Title: Middle School Computer
Email: mokada@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2173

Photo of Sara
Sara Paine
Title: Middle School Math Teacher
Email: spaine@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2129

Photo of Dave
Dave Paolozzi
Title: Middle School Campus Pastor/Bible, Athletic Director
Email: dpaolozzi@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2126

Photo of Jane
Jane Pitluck
Title: Middle School History Teacher
Email: jpittluck@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2116

Photo of Andrea
Andrea Watkins
Title: Middle School Theater Arts Teacher
Email: awatkins@vcfanaheim.com


Photo of Ellie
Ellie Brisoe
Title: Afternoon Preschool Teacher
Email: ebriscoe@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2120

Photo of Melody
Melody Christy
Title: Preschool Teacher
Email: mchristy@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2113

Photo of Theresa
Theresa Eumurian
Title: Preschool Teacher
Email: teumerain@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2144

Photo of Jennifer
Jennifer Garrett
Title: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Email: jgarrett@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2118

Photo of Heather
Heather Green
Title: Preschool Teacher
Email: hgreen@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2208

Photo of Courtney
Courtney Jackson
Title: Afternoon Toddler Teacher
Email: kjackson@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: 2154

Photo of Stephanie
Stephanie Martin
Title: Afternoon Teacher
Email: smartin@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: 2118

Photo of Nicole
Nicole Mesa
Title: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Email: nmesa@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2120

Photo of Michelle
Michelle Spencer
Title: Toddler Teacher
Email: mspencer@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: 2154

Support Staff

Photo of Earlyn
Earlyn Kahalehili-Doll
Title: Receptionist
Email: ekdoll@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2162

Photo of Kari Lee
Kari Lee Pavlovsky
Title: Finance Manager
Email: kpavlovsky@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2138

Photo of Theresa
Theresa Sheikh
Title: Health Clerk/Registarar
Email: tsheikh@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2168

Photo of Michelle
Michelle Zamora
Title: Office Manager
Email: mzamora@vcfanaheim.com
Phone: Ext. 2124

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